07 Binding Cant

If you are fortunate enough to own a set of CATEK freeride bindings, now is the time to establish the cant of the front binding. The idea is to stack the bones most effectively and provide the greatest joint mobility of the lower extremities. The overally tilt of the binding will be affected by the degree to which the foot is supported. With a properly supported foot, the canting outcome will likely be less, and more accurate.The binding on the left is flat. Notice the angles formed when the bones settle. Note also the counterbalancing of the upper body and left hand. As you might imagine, the ankle of the left foot has been collapsed to the arch side. The binding of the right is canted outward. Notice the relatively relaxed posture and the overall bone stack. Note the near-parallel relationship of the right boot sole and the ground. This could indicate that the hips are level and not rotated.

On which binding do you suppose one-footed maneuvering and lift unloading might be easier?