04 SB Learning progression

What lies beyond basic turns on flat terrain.

A rudimentary roadmap to the future.


Falling leaf

W-turn (if necessary)

Skidded turn with traverse

Round skidded turn without traverse

Skidded turns with either change of rhythm or size

Flat spins, either with or without independent head movement

Basic sidecut turns (x-over)

Basic sidecut turns with increased edge angle to decrease radius

Determine limit of edge angle via inclination/angulation

Affect turn radius at given edge angle via fore/aft pressure distribution

Develop controlled skid/recovery at given edge angle via fore/aft pressure distribution

Upper /lower body separation

Combine flexion/extension with basic sidecut turn as introduction to rebound and absorption, concept of variable timing


Basic sidecut turns down the fall line(shallow gradient)

Selective use of upper extremities to affect rotational stability

Fall-line turns with flexion/ extension

Fall-line turns with flexion /extension and rebound

Fall line turns with flexion/extension, development of controlled skid via pressure distribution


Long radius turns incorporating flexion /extension to minimize vertical displacement of COM (introduction to x-through)

Etc, etc.