Woods Sidearm ROW Mower

Apparently parts are no longer available for this rig.

A few years back the input shaft broke.  Most likely due to the fact that it carried the weight and aggravation of the pto shaft, and drive sheave, while supported by only one bearing.

Making a new shaft wasn’t particularly difficult, but I don’t want to make another for no good reason, so a second bearing is in the works.

Bracketry.  The pedestal parts with the large holes came from the skate supports off a parts mower.

Lower tabs tacked in place.

Ready to work.  It’s rather obvious how the original shaft was subject to excessive loading.

Moving on…

Deck lift point tear-off.   The original 3/8″ folded plate had been mended previously.

The new piece is 3/4 plate.

Triangulation for good measure.

The original stock was 2.5″, and the new is 3″.  I lost track of this somewhere along the line, which led to an offset error, and then to the ugly profiling to the right hand side.

At some point I will need to shorten the lift link, as the offset also affects the upper range of deck lift.  Ooops.