Skid Steer Spotting Hitch

A Bobcat is an extra arm of superior strength.  Of course, an arm without a job, or a means to do that job, is just an arm.

Firewood production involves moving both product, and moving the means of producing that product.  With a spotting hitch, I can move machines about the yard with greater facility.

DSCN2979This set of broken track pads from a Case 310G serve as the base/clip.

DSCN2980Grey reciever tube stock from the scrap pile.

DSCN2982The small reinforcing plate at the left edge is a chunk from a Saab brake caliper yoke. Wonder where that came from…

DSCN2983The rusty underbelly.

DSCN2984A short piece of chain is welded into the back of the bucket as an anchor.

DSCN2985Open for business.