Rusty Metal 1

damaged skidThis is one of two skids at the back edge of a mower-conditioner. (Part of a haying operation).  Don’t know what the other one looks like, but I’ll just assume it’s in similar shape.  The original request was for a repair, but there isn’t much left to weld to.

rotten skid and templateCardboard template for the brackets.  Templates are a good way to maximize the use of your scrap pile.sp200mig:dayton plasmaThe help.
brackets from plow frameThis is part of a Fisher snow plow push frame.
one bracket blankThe original Fisher welds are holding the remaining pieces together.
bracket wasteRemains of the day.  This will go back on the pile for another project.slot templateStart of the slotting layout.finished bracketsFreehand slots.  I would have cut the slots other wise, if I had a 5/8 rotabroach cutter.  The end function would be the same, but would look better.slotting prepLacking a press brake, I will be bending the skid lip with a hammer.bending relief slotsThe slots allow for easy hammer bending, and also guide the bend line.bent and weldedThe open back of the slots have been seam welded.brackets tackedTacked.finished skidsDone.skids en routeOn the next truck out of Dodge.

…Which happens to be a Dodge….