Processor Fan Failure

Closing down last season, running short end blocks through the processor when I heard a nasty ‘bang’ followed by massive bleeding from the radiator.

This can’t be good…


The fan hub cracked from repeated flexing, then the blades swung into…


…the radiator core. Beyond my repair capability at this time, I was able to fit another from a parts machine. (Neighbor gave me a junked Lincoln SA200 welder years ago. Fortunately)


The SA200 fan has a different hole pattern and center hub diameter, but other than that, it’s a match.


Made a centering spacer, drilled out some new holes, and we’re back in business. The ‘new’ fan has a laminated hub, so apparently this was a weak point on the older machines.

The parts radiator has a small crack in the upper tank, but that should be a straightforward fix when I get a break in the schedule.