Honda HS50 Snowblower Primary Drive Gear

I really like the small Honda track drive snowblower.

Other than the part where something breaks, and what you need is NLA.

Last winter, it was running, then refused to move. The sacrificial gear on the input shaft finally wore out.


If it were available, this would have been a $90 part, and maybe 10 to 15 minute repair.

In the photo above, I’ve cut the old weld securing the gear to the splined shaft. Behind is the donor stock. These gears are metric, which makes sourcing slightly more complicated. ¬†Fortunately, I found near perfect replacements for the everyday low price of $7/ea. I bought 3 just because.


I’m keeping the part on the right.


Start and finish.


The naked and the dead.


Not the best shot, but it’s welded and ready for assembly.

Bring it, Winter.