Honda Muffler on the Cheap

“At the scene of the transfer station, the local ne-er do well found a pair of broken commercial lawnmowers.  Smashed together at high speed, the good parts became an effective weapon of grass destruction…”

When you get a mower (or two) for free, you’re loathe to spend a bunch of money on parts.muff2

Part Scag, part Ransomes, all business.

The original muffler isn’t muffling.  Might have something to do with living outside all the time?

Replacement part quoted @ $132.  I can probably make something for less…

muff1First a flange.

muff3Quick and ugly with the plasma torch.  This is for cheap, not pretty.  I think there was a wasp flying around my head at the time…

muff4A few dollars worth of steel pipe.

muff5And a generic muffler.  This part also fits my Gravely L8.  Probably less than $12.