Gravely Deck Fix

Every so often, I have a job mowing a reasonably steep hillside.  Usually the client waits a few years in between cuts, so the saplings have a chance to develop an attitude.  The last time around, the trailing edge of the mower deck was constantly catching on the stubs.  That gets old quick.Gravely deck fix1The back edge of the deck, cut away with the portable band saw.  Rubber is old track from the Bombardier sidewalk plow.  Predrilled for my convenience.

Gravely deck fix2Installed to the deck.  I cut slots in the lower edge of the rubber to allow pass-through.

Gravely@CassArrival, or maybe departure(?) from the job site.Hillmow1The hillside.

Hillmow2It’s steeper than it looks.  The tractor would be useless without the duals and chains.