Fuel Tank Repair

An associate is tired of running his fork truck off a plastic boat tank.  So he dropped this off.  It has been empty and dry for a few years, but caution is still important.

Most of the junk was removed with the pneumatic chisel.  Then a grinder with slicer wheel once the tank was fully opened and vented.

Cutting a repair section on the Pexto jump shear.

This has been outside wrapped in tarps for a little too long, thus the rusty platen.

Folding on the cheapo brake.  This was purchased years ago for the Saab 96 frame channel repair.  It mocks me with cheapness whenever I use it. The red paint has turned pink.  (Most likely subtle commentary on it’s origin.)  But it certainly beats pounding an edge over angle stock with a hammer.

Rough marking the second fold.

Kinda like that.

Next fold.

Drain port.

Old and new mounting brackets.  Air chuck fitting used with pressure regulator for leak testing.

Ready for pickup.