Detroit Diesel Air Filter

Need a little cleaner for the Prentice loader.

ddair1First, find a piece of suitable scrap.
ddair2Engage the services of a suitable mill.  If this were any thicker, I would clamp to the table rather than hold in the vice.
ddair3Center hole.
ddair4Separating from the solid.
ddair5Outer lip will be cleaned up on the lathe.
ddair6Blank boss in the air horn.  In the original application, this motor had a stub bolted on top of this flange. See threaded hole to left.ddair7This is where you wish you had a riser block on your milling machine.  A good reason to have a bunch of short tooling on hand.ddair8Center and drill for tap.ddair9C-bore for show.ddair10Tap.ddair12And how I think it’s suppose to go, based on the last one I made for the sawmill motor.ddair13Of course, that motor is a 4-71, and this is a 3-71, which does not have the same clearance.  This is what happens when you don’t work from drawings.


ddair14No matter, I have more scrap steel.ddair15And can make more parts.ddair16That should do.

ddair17‘Nother view.
ddair18Elbow room.