Foredom 44T

Modifying the grinder hand piece for ski boot work.



Add some shortening to the handpiece shell.  I could have made it shorter still, but when they get too short, the cutting burr tends to get the upper hand, so to speak.

Cut new threads into the shorter shell.  By good fortune, or perhaps good design work, the outer diameter of the shell is just shy of 1″ diameter, so I can grab it with a standard 5C collet.

The guts.  Front spindle is original.

Extend the threaded portion.

Remove the extra thread length.

Extend the bore length for the drive cable.

Cut off the extra, and cut a new drive tang slot.  I think I used an abrasive wheel.

Truncate the bearing spacer.

Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum.