Clark Ranger Pump Bracket

Summer 2011, I was assisting with a re-power of a Clark 4wd fork truck.  The original motor drove the main hydraulic pump by way of an idler stud and gear in the front of the block, which engaged the timing gears.  The replacement motor came out of a Lincoln portable welder, and had no provision for this drive scheme.

Fortunately, there was enough room between the crank pulley and the mast pivot to locate the pump, and the pump rotation was easily reconfigured by flipping the vane cartridge.

I neglected to photograph the new stub drive shaft.  One end bolted to the crankshaft with longer bolts, the other end carried a Lovejoy hub.

Fixing to weld the tabs to the engine crossmember.


All the king’s horses…

Adjustability provided throughout.

Set screws allow for vertical alignment.  The pump is far too heavy otherwise.

View from the front.