Starter Repair

So with the truck delivered, its time to find out what a 549cu gas motor sounds like.  Apparently it sounds rather quiet, as it won’t start.  No crank.  The starter is hanging in space from its cable.  I don’t know what took place, but I suspect a rager with the Ether Bunny, followed by a massive backfire?


I neglected the ‘before’ photos.  Imagination should cover it.

A new nose cone was  available in a few days time, but I had no idea if the truck even ran, and it was a Friday, and I was on a mission etc.  And it wasn’t like I would make it any worse for the trying.

Flame On!  Abrasive blast to clean, fixture, multiple pass fillet braze.  I packed this in sand to slowly cool.  May not have been necessary, but seemed like a good idea.

Face off the mounting surface, and good to go.