The radiator was seeping here and there.  It had been repaired at least once.

Maybe Autozone will have one?

You know you are working on a TRUCK (as opposed to a truck), when you need a crane to remove the radiator.

After consulting two radiator shops, (one had integrity, the other, not so much) I made do with a tube of Seal-All and a bottle of black pepper.

If I had read the label on the sealer, I would have noticed that it was not suitable for the temperature.  At this point I didn’t know if the truck was worth fixing, so I was not keen on building a new radiator.  When the time comes, it will probably be more cost effective to buy an aluminum core, then fabricate the tanks.

For the limited use it has seen, the cheap fix is working fine.  The truck has been out on loan for local dirt moving projects, and so far the only casualty was the ratty air line connecting the compressor to the air tank.