Carburetor Quick Fix/Brake Forensics/Bucket

Idle speed was hard to set.  Excessive wear in the throttle shaft bore.

Turned shaft seals from stainless bar stock. O-rings set into recess on both sides.

One for each side.  I could have avoided this fix had I not scrapped a motor with a perfectly good carby the previous summer.

Like I would ever need a two barrel Motorcraft…..

Where’s all that brake fluid going?

One of the (rotten) adjuster screws lost its threads.  The piston popped clear of the bore, and that was that.  This was the final straw that took the truck out of service for the last time, many years ago.  It was fully loaded at the time…

The original bucket swing stop had been stomped to death.  Time for new.

Superior aspect.

….and I’m out of wire.  Just made it.