Ford C600/C750

With a little luck, this little gem will be a multi-function material mover. The plan includes a rack body dump, to facilitate a recessed gooseneck hitch in addition to a ball/pintle, and perhaps a detachable tail mount crane.

Ideally, I can use this to move my processor, and later carry 2 cord of firewood per load.

Hope springs eternal…

I can work on the engine under shelter.  Nice.

At present, I need to do the brakes and tires.  Other than that, it’s a runner.

And what have we here?  This is a C750.  Rated to 27500lbs GVW, I can’t register this for use on an Operator’s license.  The state says you can up-rate the capacity on a truck, but you can’t de-rate.

I plan to make one truck out of two.  The 750 has a rack body dump, and heavier axles with a simpler braking system and tubeless tires; four of which are perfectly serviceable.

The 600 has obsolete tube-type 8.25-20s.  A new set of six would easily cost more than what I now have in the 750.

It’s a very heavy no-brainer.

The crane is a bonus.  The truck can dismantle itself.

I’m running out of room…