13Ramp 2 (rear foot)

  Tune rear ramp angle

I find that, for myself, a rear ramp angle (on the zepper) slightly higher than the front works well.  The increase is slightly more than 1/8th of an inch under the heel.  Specifically, my front ramp is 5 degrees, while my rear foot ramp is 6.7 degrees (measured inside the boot, off the bindings).

(Edit 3/31/15.  Revisited this parameter recently after successfully fine tuning the ramp on my telemark boots.  Could not remember why I started riding with more ramp in the back, and realized that some of the issues I’d been dealing with on the board were probably related.  Such as drifting to the left while riding the zipper line in the bumps, and coming into the toeside turn ‘late’.  After lowering the heel of the rear foot, the board behaves in a more ‘neutral’ manner.  Will update again with the final numbers, but right now roughly one degree lower in the back works well.  Bear in mind that I have several geometric/structural oddities to deal with skeletally, but there may be some universal application here.)

This is a parameter that you should experiment with in subtle increments.  One strip of tape can (and will) make a difference once you are in an effective range of adjustment. Execute consistent turns on the same trail until you find something underfoot that feels “solid”.