The View From The Office 3

(8/28/12)  Shortly after the flywheel beta test (view from the office 2) the processor was moved to another location to repay a barter.

I’ve had the use of this bucket for some tree work.  Seems only fair to help with the heating of the home and daycare. (Stove and outdoor boiler).

In the workshop, so to speak.

The new site after a light rain.

Hank sandwich.

The Bobcat (not mine) had an intermittant electrical problem with the interlocs, and finally refused to move.

The little Deere was less than impressive.  Harsh words would have moved the splits faster.  A bit like hitching a miniature pony to a plow and expecting the worms to surf the curls.

Roughly six hours on the processor.  It’s a good arrangement when both parties feel like they got the best end of the deal.