Bobcat M600


(1976? Bobcat 600)

This is another one of those ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ situations.  The photo is a bit blurry; which stands to reason, as if you have ever gone to look at machinery, you know your vision isn’t always the clearest…

Stored in a neighbor’s pole barn for maybe the last 8 years.

I was actually looking for a larger machine, so as not to continue borrowing the S185, but this unit has charms beyond size.

I can move it around with my 1/2 ton.

It has a fairly small footprint, which makes it more maneuverable in tight areas.

Servicing is stupidly easy.  The wet clutch/chainbox drivetrain is both simple and inexpensive to repair.  A nice feature when far from the shop.  The only real drawback is the apparent fragility of the Wisconsin V4 engine.  I’ve heard tales of this particular model being prone to crankshaft breakage.

The fuel tank was dry, the points gummed, and the battery dead.  A few minutes later, and it started more or less without drama.  A good sign?

Arranged to borrow for a few days to ascertain suitability.

backing onto the trailer was difficult, as it lacked go in reverse, and ran rough.  Once on the trailer, one of the bucket lift hydraulic hoses blew, so I offloaded to regroup.

Easier to replace all of the hoses in close proximity to the hose crimper.

As it turned out, two of the plug leads were reversed, and one of the reverse frictions was missing(?).  The disc cost $23 direct from Bobcat, and replacement took maybe half an hour.


The canopy was homebuilt and funky, so I did some shopping in a farmer’s field and came back with the real thing.   Some acrylic sheet, a few lights, and we’re ready for snow removal.

After cleaning the junk out of the carburetor, of course.



I made an engine cover from a section of 55 gal drum.  A few holes in the back of the canopy, and now the engine is sheltered, and the operator has heat.


(Loaded up for the long ride)

Two plows, spare tires, tools, and a stainless tool chest.  The load is legal, but the 318 didn’t care for the job.


The hydraulics are a little slow, and the air cooled engine makes its share of noise, but this is a remarkably capable machine.

Handy.  Like a pocket on a shirt.

Here’s an upgrade (Autumn ’14) (Bucket eyebrow surgery).