Poor Yorick


Comes a time when you run out of yard space, on account of cars containing good parts, and no place to put those parts other than in the car itself.

This summer I finally got around to making maple syrup out of Swedish sap, so to speak.

Many years ago, I bought the 1978 Volvo 242gt, thinking It would make a good car for someone.  Had only 132k original miles, and was mostly rust-free and compete.

Sat too long, nobody wanted it, and then the back-to-back 100 year floods soaked the chassis and helped sink it into the clay.

Time to go.


Yorick, the 1968 Saab 96 Deluxe came in as part of a package deal.  I pulled the engine to use in another car, and realized that the chassis had already been ‘restored’ at least twice, and was essentially used up.

Lots of good stuff here, and so the reduction process begins.

yorik2First, a little rhinoplasty.

yorik3HIndquarter reduction.yorik4 Post liposuction.

yorik5Baby don’t got back.yorik6Going topless?yorik7Making a Volvo-Saab turducken.yorik8All tressed and ready to load.yorik9Set for lift-off.yorik11Fistful of dollars?yorik12…And a few dollars more. Scrap is down at the moment, so in the meantime, I’ll build a fence.yorik14