Exhaust Manifolds


When I rebuilt the engine on the ’85 F350, I reused the exhaust manifolds.  After a few years time, the right front gasket blew out on account of rust and erosion of the manifold in the area of gasket contact. (Somewhat visible to the upper left.) Bought a replacement manifold, but couldn’t find much enthusiasm for the project. The truck doesn’t see much use outside of firewood season, so the noise and stink had to get worse before I could work up the motivation.

I wasn’t looking forward to the job on account of the poor access. I had replaced and chased all the stud/bolt holes when I had the heads off for the rebuild, so I didn’t expect much difficulty in that area.

The fenders were getting ratty, and I had a nice set ready to go, so now seemed the time for a two-for-one repair.

f3501That two-tone racing stripe takes me right back to the late 70’s.

Job gets easier with all the junk out of the way.


Manifold is in there somewhere.  Can’t imagine doing this job with the fender in place. Most of the bolts came out easily, and those that refused to cooperate took a meeting with the blue wrench.

F350leftHad so much fun on the right side, decided to take care of the left.  This manifold is ok, but figured the truck would look nicer with two new fenders.  I replaced the doors previously, so now all I need is a new cab……

Now on to something larger:

f-liner1This is a Freightliner tractor with an inline 6 Caterpillar.  The front port had a broken stud and blown gasket.  By comparison to the Ford, this job was a joy.

f-liner2There’s enough room in there for an in-law apartment.  Had to remove the thermostat housing, but other than that, a piece of cake…

f-liner3…Although the parts weigh a lot more, and will hurt you if you drop them on yourself.

f-liner4This is either the before or after photo.  Either way, all the pieces are back where they belong.