06 Exhaust

A headpipe can be fashioned from two tailpipes, and the original flange assembly.  Many OE tailpipes are alloy, so keep your eyes open for these, as they will last far longer than aftermarket pipes.

Note the ease with which this piece fits the original headpipe channel.

The hose clamps are holding shims to the pipe for proper standoff.

A muffler hanger can be seen establishing clearance between the pipe and chassis.

Loose, in the wild.

Back in captivity.  This car never had a catalyst, but the outlet flange is located to use one, should the need arise.

Flange detail.  Seams did not require TIG welding, but it was an opportunity to practice.

The stock baffle was used, though the main seam blew out shortly after the car went back on the road.  I suspect the right foot got a bit too close to the floor…

Upgraded to a stainless Borla, with much less restriction.

The tailpipe tip was employed as a bit of a joke.  It was in the ‘good used’ pile, and this seemed like as good a place as any.