‘Art’ In Progress

This stuff just happens.

Albeit infrequently.

I had some  scrap plate left over from the chickadee project of several years ago.

One piece looked to me like a minnow, or maybe a wrasse?.  Not being in much of a hurry, I let it go for awhile, and pursued other projects, food, coffee, etc.  Meanwhile, these pieces ‘seasoned’ which is another way of suggesting an increase of rust.

While sorting the scrap piles in search of more cat swinging room, inspiration strikes.  If it decides to strike my toe, I’m ready with my new pair of steel-toe sneakers.  Good for dancing with clumsy partners…

The current state of things.  I’m leaning toward some sort of mobile.

“Xenomorph Piranha”?

The criteria is:  No modification of the components to make them look more like what they will become, and use a bare minimum of weld to join.

It was a hot and humid day, which affected my judgement, and I accidentally ground off some of the ‘patina’ in order to get a suitable ground connection.

Oh well…