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A list of ‘new’ content or alterations to the original topics

4/4/17 Telemark Diagnostics 1 added to Telemark

3/31/16 Cat 518 added to ‘heavy metal’

Christmas 2013 added to ‘merry christmas’

3/30/16 Lagun FTV5, Lennox Metlmaster to “machine tools”. Also Mystery Metal 1,2,3. Honda Snowblower repair and Processor fan to “general fab”

Photo of oil pump replacement added to ‘Hough H30’

AMX brake replacement added to ‘Automobilia’.

Caterpillar Starter added to ‘heavy metal’.

Content added to ‘processor upgrades’

Page added to ‘rock bucket’

6/25/15 notes and video added to “rebuilding a firewood processor’

6/11/15 Making a four-way wedge for the big splitter, (Firewood production)

3/31/15 Edit to Hardboot Binding Configuration: rear foot ramp.

3/5/15 Tractor Winch Refurb (firewood production)

2/13/15 Exhaust Manifold repair (Automobilia)

Also Bobcat Snow Bucket (General Fab)

1/14/15 Floating air sampling unit (Machine tools).

1/12/15 Processor upgrades(firewood production), Poor Yorick (Automobilia) Conveyor upgrades (Conveyor2).

Also Big Splitter, Hough H30b (Firewood production).

2013 A new hope (year)

12/28/13 Madd insert repair added to ‘hardboot snowboarding’. Also Honda muffler and Gravely deck fix added to ‘General Fab’.

12/27/13 New Christmas photos.  Dinosaurs added to ‘Artsifarsis’, Jules Verne Body Repair added to ‘Automobilia’.  Also, photos added to ‘Ford 6500’. Also Conveyor and Dodge/Prentice added to ‘firewood production, support’. DD air filter added to ‘general fab’.

12/07/13 Teaching Modules added to Softboot Snowboarding/Instruction

6/07/13 two pages added under V4 frame repair.

2/17/13 New page added (Merry Christmas)

2/13/13 Bobcat 600 added to ‘firewood processing, support equipment’

2/11/13 Video clip added to ‘view from the office part 2’ (Kobelco loader in action)

Video clips added to Machine Tools, ‘new project…’ (notching channel on the Kearney and Trecker mill).

Hyperlink text color changed to red.


11/9/12 By golly! Time does fly.  Content added to ‘Machine tools, New Project…’

Also to Firewood Production, ‘view from the office 3’, and ‘support equipment, Rock Bucket’

8/22/12 Photos and short video clip added to ‘New Project…’

8/21/12 Video added to ‘rebuilding a firewood processor’, flywheel at work.

8/20/12 photos and video added to ‘machine tools’ ‘New project…’

8/16/12 New tool added to ‘machine tools’

Also View from the office 2 in ‘Firewood production’

7/25/12 General fabrication/repair section added to ‘Machine Tools’

7/21/12 Firewood processor flywheel installation.

Subtopic added to ‘Artsifarsis’.

7/8/12 Hydraulic pump mount, in ‘Machine Tools’.

7/4/12 “Hoe again, hoe again, jiggety jig…” Begin supplementary repairs to the Ford 6500.

7/01/12 V220 electronic ignition retrofit.

6/29/12 Video of tong usage added to ‘firewood/hand tools’.

Also video of small splitter/large blocks added to ‘Small splitter’.

Also video of 371xpg added to ‘firewood/hand tools’.

6/28/12 LaFont cordwood saw video

6/21/12 Ford C750, also outfeed conveyor added to Heavy Metal, and Firewood support.

6/11/12 LaFont cordwood saw added to Firewood/Tools

6/7/12  Additions to sawmill, 545, support equip.

6/6/12 Splitting the 545, engine removal.

6/5/12 Circle Mill Powerplant.

6/4/12 Bombardier track removal.

Also Ford C600.

5/31/12  6500 Hoe repair.

5/28/12  Firewood tools

Also additional information and photos to both the small splitter and firewood processor pages.

Also rock bucket and 545 engine damage.

Also a view from the office.