Tumbledown coffee break. Spring, 2020.

My name is Erik Beckman, DBA Beckmann AG.

Winters find me in the Carrabassett Valley of Maine; one hop, two skips, and a jump down the road from Sugarloaf/USA.

I teach Alpine skiing, hard and softboot snowboarding, Telemark, and sometimes XC.  I began working full-time for the resort as an instructor in November of 1990.

My primary interest is in understanding how things work, and finding ways to make them work better.  Invariably, this interest spawned a rather extensive long term study into the effect(s) of equipment on athletic performance.

I opened my boot fitting business in the area during the winter of 1998. To avoid conflicts of interest, I do not sell boots; focusing instead on accurate diagnostics; and resolution through a variety of means, up to and including custom foot support and boot shell alteration.

I am not a salesman or motivational speaker.

I am a mechanic, working with machines of varying type in varying context.